Discharge During Pregnancy
Discharge During Pregnancy
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Discharge During Pregnancy


Discharge is completely normal during pregnancy and is sometimes even one of the first signs that you could be pregnant. It will probably increase slightly as you approach the end of your term. A normal discharge or ‘leucorrhea’ is usually an opaque white colour or clear with no odour.

pregnancy discharge


So what causes it?

Well, rising oestrogen levels in pregnancy and more blood flowing to and from that particular area causes increased discharge in pregnancy, some of which goes to form the mucus ‘plug’ that lies at the opening of the womb until you go into labour.

This type of secretion is completely normal but you should call your GP or midwife if any of the following occurs, particularly if you are in your second or third trimester:

  • Abnormal itching in the vaginal area

  • If you think you may have an infection

  • The discharge looks greyish or green in colour with a horrid smell

  • If you are experiencing a lot of watery clear discharge

Abnormal itching may suggest an infection and if this happens or you suspect you may have an infection do not go and buy a generic medicine or cream from the chemist or pharmacy as some of these are not recommended for use in pregnancy. Instead, go to your GP who will be able to advise you on what cures are safe to use. Your doctor may even give you a prescription free of charge as you are pregnant. If the discharge is green or grey then that is another sign of infection so the same rules apply.

If however you are finding that you have a lot of watery clear or slightly opaque discharge during pregnancy then this is when you should call your midwife as it could be a sign that you are going into labour. Contrary to popular belief, waters don’t always break with a ‘woosh’ – it is usually a far more drawn out and boring process!



Cleanliness goes a long way towards combating many of the reasons for discharge in pregnancy – namely infection. Although you will need to keep clean, avoid strongly perfumed soaps as they can only make matters worse. Choose a neutral smelling soap as this won’t irritate that delicate area.

Discharge when you are pregnant is perfectly normal, just be aware of the signs to look out for that could suggest something is wrong and in most cases a quick trip to the doctor or midwife will put your mind at ease.