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Discharge During Pregnancy
Bleeding During Pregnancy
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Bleeding During Pregnancy


When a woman experiences bleeding during pregnancy, it is scary because many people associate this bleeding with a miscarriage. There are many reasons why women experience pregnancy bleeding and not all of these reasons are attributed to abnormal causes. However, any type of spotting or bleeding should be immediately brought to the attention of the woman's midwife or doctor in order to determine the severity of the issue.

In the first trimester, a few of the most common reasons for bleeding include monthly period spotting, implantation bleeding, cervical changes and infections. Because the cervix goes through many changes, it is not unusual for pregnant women to vaginally bleed after intercourse or a pelvic exam. On the other hand, pregnancy bleeding may also occur in the event of an ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or miscarriage.

As women reach the second and third trimesters in a pregnancy, bleeding may be associated with other problems like placental abruption or placenta previa. Bleeding during pregnancy can also signify pre-term labour. In rare instances, a pregnant women may vaginally bleed if the have a reproductive cancer such as cervical cancer.

Although bleeding in itself is not always a dangerous sign, it should be discussed with a doctor or a midwife. When vomiting, nausea, fever or cramping is coupled with bleeding during pregnancy, medical attention should be sought right away as these symptoms can signal a dire problem. Even if the symptoms do not seem important, the pregnant woman should list them all when talking to her doctor so the doctor can determine the best care.

Women who have a history of miscarriages and other pregnancy complications should disclose this information to their physician. If the patient plans to travel, they should carry a letter written by their physician that details any information that could prove helpful in an emergency medical situation. Above all else, women should keep in mind that when they get experience bleeding during their pregnancy, stress can be detrimental to the developing foetus. Therefore, it is crucial for the patient to remain calm even though the situation is scary and frightening.